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by Edward Kang

Modern day application of the False Claims Act falls into a variety of fields and categories which all merit usage under their respective terms when applicable.  One specific claim that seems to be having its usage expanded is a reverse false claim.  Unlike typical false claims where a person can incur liability by receiving a payment… Continue reading ›

Long existing solely as debate between opposing sides of the political aisle, the battle for examining the United States’ healthcare system witnessed actual movement in 2010 with the passing of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA or commonly referred to as its politically coined nickname, Obamacare).  The bill completely revised national healthcare with the intent… Continue reading ›

The 2007 great recession served as a peak moment in longtime calls for improvement to the American financial regulatory system.  In response to the outcry for system modification, the Obama Administration pushed for a sweeping large scale upheaval of the current regulatory procedure… Continue reading ›

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