Law360 Covers Opening of Kang Haggerty’s Whistleblower Division

Law360’s Rachel Rippetoe reported on Kang Haggerty’s formation of The Whistleblower Advocates. The article highlights the firm’s whistleblower practice, led by Edward T. Kang, Kandis L. Kovalsky, and Ross M. Wolfe.

Kovalsky told Law360 that she, Wolfe and Kang had worked recently on a large opioid case where the government intervened after a whistleblower complaint. She said that case made it clear the firm could really make a name for itself, weeding out fraud and misconduct through helping whistleblowers bring similar cases, especially in the opioids and health care spaces.

“The opioid epidemic and health care fraud generally, is something we’re particularly interested in and is an area where we feel like we can make a difference for whistleblowers, holding corporate defendants and their executives accountable,” she said.

Wolfe said he’s expecting to see more qui tam cases emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, especially with fraud related to the COVID relief money distributed as a result of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security, or CARES, Act.


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