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In the March 21, 2019 edition of The Legal Intelligencer, Edward Kang, Managing Member of Kang Haggerty wrote “IT Security and Policy: Why All Lawyers Must Care About It.”

Several years ago, my insurance broker suggested I get cybersecurity insurance for my firm. It seemed a cybersecurity insurance policy was unnecessary, not much different from having an undercoating for a new car. That was then. Now, the benefits of having a cybersecurity insurance policy are not reasonably in dispute these days. In addition to having the security of insurance, another (and more important) benefit of getting a cybersecurity insurance policy was the requirement that I have an IT security and breach policy that deals with how to prevent a security breach and what to do if there is a security breach. While getting a cybersecurity insurance policy may still remain an option for many, having an IT security policy describing detailed procedures to protect against a cybersecurity attack (and what to do when the system is breached) is a must.

Need for Cybersecurity Measures

by Jacklyn Fetbroyt

Companies seeking to improve efficiency and employee interaction for work purposes have slowly begun to implement policies allowing employees to use laptops, tablets, and mobile devices in the work place.  One issue that arises with BYOD policies is with regard to the employee’s compensation.  First, who will pay for the actual device?  The monthly service fee?  If the employer will pay, in whole or in part, for the device, how will payments be made (or allocated, where necessary)?  Moreover, what about the time the employee spends working from his or her mobile device? Continue reading ›

A large part of society’s current foundation in the 21st century is unquestionably built upon the storage of billions of pieces of data that can be found and transferred in mere seconds.  With this great power comes the burden of developing and implementing tight forms of cyber security to hinder the effort of a new generation of criminals whose aim it to exploit cyber security… Continue reading ›

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