Kandis L. Kovalsky in The Legal Intelligencer: Phila. Attorneys Reach $9M Settlement for Whistleblower Claims the US Declined

In a recent Legal Intelligencer article, Phila. Attorneys Reach $9M Settlement for Whistleblower Claims the US Declined, Philadelphia-based litigation reporter Aleeza Furman detailed how Kang Haggerty attorneys secured a $9 million settlement with defendants in a False Claims Act qui tam lawsuit over the distribution of illegitimate fentanyl prescriptions.

Furman asked Kang Haggerty member Kandis L. Kovalsky for her perspective on pursuing claims declined by the U.S. government.Kovalsky explained “This case really shows […]\ that lawyers can make a difference through aggressively handling declined litigation.” Kovalsky also clarified that while the government is more likely to intervene in cases against pharmacies than those against private equity firms, she expects the government to increase its presence in cases against private equity firms in the future. Kovalsky described the potential lasting effect, saying, the settlement with Belhealth Investment Partners serves as a warning to private equity firms in healthcare not to place financial returns above patient well-being.

You can read the Press Release on the settlement here. If you have questions about the False Claims Act, contact the attorneys at Kang Haggerty for more information.

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