Jacklyn Fetbroyt on “Negotiating Business Contracts”

Kang Haggerty is proud to share that Jacklyn Fetbroyt will be presenting at the National Business Institute (NBI) seminar “Negotiating Business Contracts” on September 21, 2018. Jacklyn Fetbroyt will speak on the following topics and more:

Contract Risk Allocation Secrets: Safeguard Clients and Preserve Business Relationships

  1. How Key Risk-Shifting Provisions Interrelate
    1. Indemnity
    2. Limitation of Liability
    3. Limitation of Remedy
    4. Insurance Provisions
  2. Assigning Risk “ Who Can Best Avoid, Handle or Insure it?
  3. Allocating Risk to Avoid Future Defaults
  4. Negotiating Indemnification Provisions
  5. Using Payment Terms to Minimize Potential Losses
  6. Building Contingencies When Risk is Shifted to Your Client
  7. Breach, Termination and Assignment Clauses: Key Negotiation Strategies
  8. Insurance Coverage Negotiation

To learn more, click here to view the seminar details on the NBI website.

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