Vendor, Contractor and Employee Contracts

Agreements for contractors, vendors, and employees – whether individuals or B2B – are critical to maintain the smooth operation of any business, irrespective of geography or industry. Kang Haggerty’s commercial transactions attorneys are adept at negotiating and drafting critical agreements such as employment contracts, non-compete or other restrictive covenant agreements, independent contractor agreements, and vendor agreements.

Ultimately, the success of your business is dependent on its contractual infrastructure. Kang Haggerty works with its clients to understand their contractual objectives and strategy – large scale and transaction specific – to craft the most appropriate agreements for the deal.

Businesses entering into arrangements where a person or another company will provide it with services (or goods) need to review and document things such as the nature of the contract, goods and quality, scope of work, changes to the scope, payment and timing, term and milestones, expenses, restrictive covenants, works for hire and assignment of intellectual property, confidentiality, dispute resolution, and more. Kang Haggerty lawyers work with their clients on determining the need for, and negotiating and drafting:

  • Employment Agreements,
  • Independent Contractor Agreements,
  • Vendor Contracts,
  • Supply Contracts,
  • Master Services Agreements,
  • SOWs,
  • and more.

The attorneys at Kang Haggerty possess the judgment, experience, and requisite skills to resolve our client’s challenges and meet their operations-critical transactional needs.