Unfair Competition

Unfair competition claims are a specific subset of business torts (for more on business torts in general, see our page here) which refer to economic damages done to a business through deception or otherwise wrongful practices. Whatever is deemed as “unfair” has a lot to do with the various contexts to be considered, including the industry and the actions done.

Some common unfair competition claims include those related to false advertising or misrepresentations regarding products or services – e.g., a competitor who outright lies or misleads the populace regarding the benefits or capabilities of the product they’re selling. Trademark infringement is another – using another business’s logo on advertising for a product or service, or otherwise using a logo which is deceptively similar to another’s.

Other unfair competition claims arise from the infringement of noncompete agreements or other restrictive covenants. In these situations, someone’s violation of these agreements has given an unfair advantage to a business that is a rival, both in a geographic and economic sense. This can also involve the theft of trade secrets (read more here). Both federal and state law protect business owners from the damages associated with others’ misguiding or intentionally harmful business practices.

If you believe that you or your business has suffered due to the unfair business practices of others, please contact our attorneys.