Partnership and Other Internal Governance Documents

Many people contact lawyers when they feel they have an issue with the law, but often do not realize the role of lawyers in drafting “laws” that will govern their businesses just as importantly as the law itself. Drafting is the creation and expression of legal rules, which may be private – for instance, a contract governs only the parties to that contract. It becomes the set of rules that those specific parties have agreed to be governed by in a particular transaction. 

Every business needs a set of governing legal rules, which are found in the governance documents. The lawyers at Kang Haggerty assist their business and business owner clients in drafting, reviewing and modifying such documents – or the internal governance documents of an entity. Kang Haggerty lawyers assist with documents such as:

  • Certificates of Incorporation or Formation
  • Charter Amendments
  • Bylaws
  • Shareholders Agreements
  • Operating Agreements
  • Buy-Sell Agreements
  • Proxies
  • Partnership Agreements
  • Initial Resolutions
  • Authorizing Resolutions
  • Dissolution documents

At all times, Kang Haggerty lawyers work to ensure the governance documents of an organization meet the desires and agreements of the parties and comply with applicable jurisdictional laws. This way, the client can establish rules governing how the business will be managed and the rights and obligations of the owners and feel comfortable in operating in a compliant manner.